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Principal Designer / Principal Designer Advisor

CDM Services provide a pro-active professional approach across the whole of the UK, with bases in London covering the South; Birmingham covering the Midlands; and Liverpool covering the North; plus coverage of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

CDM Services have successfully carried out the role of Principal Designer/Principal Designer Advisor (previously CDM Coordinator and Planning Supervisor) as required under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations on a wide range of construction projects since the introduction of the regulations back in April 1995

Our ISO and SSIP-accredited Principal Designer/Principal Designer Advisor Services have been developed to underpin our pragmatic approach and provide added value to project delivery

Our team of consultants is drawn from various areas of the construction industry providing a broad knowledge base

All of our team are competent to take on the role with years of experience allied to the relevant skills and training

Consequently, we are confident that CDM Services has the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to ensure successful service delivery to our clients regardless of the size or complexity of the construction project.

Our Principal Designer Services are tailored to suit our clients’ business needs whilst ensuring compliance with the regulations and industry best practice.

CDM Services are currently providing Principal Designer/Principal designer Advisor services on projects ranging from £150k to £260m

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The Role of the Principal Designer

The appointment of a Principal Designer is required where there is more than one contractor undertaking construction work (CDM 2015 Reg 5).